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Indigenous Peoples Visions to Confront Climate Change

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2 December 2015, by Tayjasaruta (Sarayaku)

This Wednesday, December the 2nd, the delegation from Sarayaku (Ecuadorian Amazon) participated in the panel discussion titled, “Indigenous Peoples Visions to Confront Climate Change” in the Climate Generations space at the COP21. They presented before a group of more than five hundred audience members, anthropologists, and recognized scientists. Our leader in charge of women and the family, Ms. Ena Santi, outlined the effects of climate change on the life of our people and the profound suffering of indigenous women in the process of defending their territory.

Sarayaku’s President, Mr. Felix Santi, presented the Kawsak Sacha – Living Forest proposal and insisted on the importance of respecting, perpetuating and applying indigenous peoples’ ancestral knowledge to offer solutions to climate problems. After several presentations, indigenous peoples leaders from around the world suggested we should return to the origin of the living being and the vision of live that connects Nature and Mother Earth in order to deal with the climate crisis.

In the morning of the same day, the President of CONFENIAE, Mr. Franco Viteri, helping out the people of Sarayaku who are a base group within the organization he leads, presented the Kawsak Sacha proposal to the President of France, François Hollande, in Elysée Palace.