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Leave a Public Comment for the DAPL E.I.S.!

Leave a Public Comment for the DAPL E.I.S.!

The fight against the Dakota Access pipeline is NOT OVER! Donald Trump is trying to seal the deal on getting this dirty Bakken oil project completed and we need your help to demonstrate that we are not alone in this struggle! The Department of Army has filed a notice...

BLOG: “The Battle Ahead Lies in our Hearts” by Cherri Foytlin

BLOG: “The Battle Ahead Lies in our Hearts” by Cherri Foytlin

The Battle Ahead Lies in our Hearts By Cherri Foytlin   It is hard to believe that it was only about a year ago that many of us were in Paris, France, at the 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. The Paris...

The articles at the left are those from the front lines – Indigenous Peoples who, for generations have been caught up in the destruction, disease, and economic economic inequality of fossil fuels and mineral extraction. The taking of coal, oil, gas, uranium, and precious metals leave scars on the land, destroy biodiversity, waste precious water reserves. Communities are left with fouled water, air, and land. We work with these front line peoples to help them resist these onslaughts and find the ways in which to transition to a regenerative economy that is regenerative and supports a healthy and sustainable future for the next Seven Generations.

Our organizers live and work in the communities we serve – We join with other Indigenous and non-indigenous grassroots organizations for a Just Transition.

Help us to continue this work.


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